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After finishing “The Gene: An Intimate History” by Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee, I did this quick drawing. Don’t ask.

The advent of novel technologies, such as various flavors of artificial intelligence (AI), in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries creates novel ways to develop therapeutics and useful biological products, opening tremendous opportunities for growth and innovation.

However, novel technologies also create new kinds of challenges, business risks and uncertain market conjuncture. Keeping up with the industry trends, scientific breakthroughs, and companies on the cutting edge of innovation is crucial for staying competitive and moving forward.

The goal of this newsletter is to inform, educate, and provide actionable analysis of various developments in the tech+bio space, with a particular focus on reviewing disruptive companies, big and small.

What to expect in ‘Where Technology Meets Biology‘?

This is a weekly newsletter.

Here you can expect the following types of insights:

  • discussions of notable trends in drug discovery, biotech, and clinical research

  • interviews with industry key opinion leaders in science and business

  • reviews of innovative startups, company listicles, and “company of the week“ picks

  • reviews of cutting-edge technologies and scientific breakthroughs

  • occasional conference announcements for our media partners (we always partner only with high-quality events and often include good discounts for tickets)

The newsletter is structured as a mix of news roundups with more in-deapth takes on various topics.

While around 50% of content is free for everyone, the more analytical insights, including company picks, trend analysis, industry mapping, and strategy takes are paywalled.

Paid subscription will get you:

  • access to all paywalled insights

  • ability to comments on all posts and ask questions on the subject. I asnwer all questions and sometimes can run a research to provide an answer to a specific question, provided it is within my expertise on the matter.

  • initiate Chats to start conversations.

Some popular paywalled posts:

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