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After finishing “The Gene: An Intimate History” by Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee, I did this quick drawing. Don’t ask.

Living in the “century of biotech”

We are about to enter a unique time in human history when major advances in the life sciences, such as gene editing, stem cells, "synbio," and 3D bioprinting, will affect more than just health care. Biology advances will revolutionize not only how we treat (and prevent) diseases but also what we eat, how we deal with climate change, how we produce chemicals and biologics, how we age, and, at the end of the day, who we become as biological species eventually.

This biotech revolution is largely enabled by the unprecedented advent of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing, big data generation technologies (e.g., NGS, high-throughput omics, HTS, cryo-EM… ), big data handling technologies (e.g., cloud, blockchain… ).

Last but not least, commercial success and mass impact depend heavily on scalability potential, which can be reached through robotization, scalable remote labs, new R&D automation and production workflows, etc.

In this newsletter, "Where Technology Meets Biology," I try to make sense of the intricate interplay between scientific breakthroughs and new technologies, find and follow the most promising companies, review high-tech products and services, and help you see where opportunities lay for your business, investments, or career growth.

What to expect in ‘Where Technology Meets Biology‘?

This is a weekly newsletter.

Here you can expect the following types of insights:

  • discussions of notable trends in drug discovery, biotech, and clinical research

  • interviews with industry key opinion leaders in science and business

  • reviews of innovative startups, company listicles, and “company of the week“ picks

  • reviews of cutting-edge technologies and scientific breakthroughs

  • occasional conference announcements for our media partners (we always partner only with high-quality events and often include good discounts for tickets)

Ask your questions

I frequently share a bird's-eye view of the industry and use broad strokes to help you see the bigger picture and trends. But if you need a more detailed look into an interesting topic, technology, or company, reply directly to any “Where Technology Meets Biology“ issue.

Sometimes I can give more analysis or responses in the comments, or I can even include the discussion on the topic in a follow-up issue.

We can discuss consulting projects with our team at www.BiopharmaTrend.com (info@biopharmatrend.com) if extensive market or company research is required.

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What does the future hold for us in the “century of biotech“?


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